In 2003, Candler was renovated and upgraded to house the School of Public & International Affairs and the Department of International Affairs. Many of the features removed during prior renovations, such as hard wood floors and ten foot ceilings, were returned to the building. In addition, the stairwells were restored to their original locations in Candler, having been moved to the north and south ends of the building decades ago during one of the previous renovations.


Welcome to the Department of International Affairs at The University of Georgia.

We are one of three departments in the School of Public & International Affairs, and are also affiliated with the Center for International Trade & Security (CITS) and the Center for the Study of Global Issues (GLOBIS).

The department was formed in 2001 when the School of Public & International Affairs was founded.  Formerly the department had been part of the larger Political Science department in Franklin College.  We moved into a newly renovated Candler Hall in August, 2003, and began offering courses with the INTL prefix that fall.

We currently have 14 tenured and tenure-track faculty in our department, teaching a wide array of topics including introduction to global studies, comparative politics, foreign policy, and strategic intelligence.  Many of our faculty have won prestigious teaching awards at the school and university levels.

The department currently offers four degree programs: an undergraduate A.B. program, a Masters of International Policy (MIP) program, and MA and Ph.D. programs offered jointly with the Department of Political Science.

UGA's Buckingham Palace

Beginning in January 1902, Candler Hall began its life as a boys dormitory, one of only three dorms on campus at the time (including Old College and New College). Because of the columns on the front of the building, Candler’s residents referred to the building as “Buckingham Palace,” and themselves as the “Barons of Buckingham.” More than 100 years later, Candler Hall has played host to students, Navy personnel, football gear, two schools, a center, four offices, one institute and a ghost.

Candler Hall History