Research Interests

Markus M. L. Crepaz

Department of International Affairs


Department Head


Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Crepaz received his Ph.D. in political science in 1992 from the University of California, San Diego. His research interests include the effects of formal political institutions on policy outcomes, the effect of immigration on the European welfare state project and identity of Europeans, the impact of globalization on the viability of the state, the logic of comparative analysis, the politics and economics of advanced industrialized democracies, the process of European Union integration, and the effects of parties and interest groups on a wide range of policy outcomes. He teaches classes in comparative methods, research design, determinants of political development, introduction to comparative analysis, and politics and economics of postindustrial societies. As a comparativist, he travels with a purpose in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Taiwan, Norway, Denmark, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Iceland, Spain, Japan, Fiji, and many other intriguing locations. Selected book publications include “Trust Beyond Borders” (2008) published by The University of Michigan Press, and “European Democracies”, (8th Edition, 2013) co-authored with Jürg Steiner published by Pearson/Longman. His recent articles have appeared in journals such as Social Science Quarterly (2014), and Comparative Political Studies (2009). Dr. Crepaz is the current Head of the Department of International Affairs and is the co-Director of the Stellenbosch, South Africa, Study Abroad Program at UGA.

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