The GLOBIS Center

The Center for the Study of Global Issues at The University of Georgia fosters educational and research activities focused on economic, political, and sociocultural change and development occurring at the global level.

As the world strides forward into the global era, changes in the international order that have been underway for centuries are nearing a crescendo. The world has finally become a "global village"--a single marketplace dominated by multinational conglomerates whose outreach penetrates the most remote human settlements. Communication technology now spans the planet and speaks to an international, multicultural audience of billions, hawking goods and services as well as ideology. Now more than ever, the people of the globe share both the benefits and the dangers of industrialization and modernization, and the most pressing political, economic, and social events and problems are now truly global.

The social theories and ideologies of the past were suited to a world that no longer exists and new future-oriented theories and conceptualizations are needed. Only by developing these theories and ideals can we begin to confront the most pressing problems of the day. The purpose of GLOBIS is to meet this need by conducting research and educational activities which examine recent global economic, political, and socio-cultural trends and the human problems associated with these trends in order to furnish a basis for forecasting the future and forming public policy.  

The Center's programs are located both on campus at The University of Georgia in Athens and abroad at its regional offices in Italy and Japan. GLOBIS has a European Office in Verona, Italy and an Asian Office in Kyoto, Japan. These two branch offices operate as GLOBIS's coordinating centers for the conduct of off-campus research and educational programs carried out in Europe and Asia. Thus, all of the activities of the Center are truly international and interdisciplinary because of the participation not only of UGA faculty and students from many disciplines, but also participation by professional colleagues and students from other countries. 

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Study Abroad in Asia

The Globis Asia Study Abroad Program offers students a tremendous opportunity to experience the unique culture, politics, and historical sites of Japan, China, and the Korean Peninsula. Through both classroom learning and extensive field study, students will develop a "global literacy" that cannot be matched by most traditional study abroad programs.

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